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Baby Einstein DVD - Teach, Entertain & Bond with Your New Born

The concept of “Baby Einstein” by itself has a positive and promising ring to it. The Baby Einstein DVD  sure did get my attention on my first exposure.

Most of us have good feelings for Albert Einstein himself and all he accomplished and discovered in his lifetime.

Needless to say I was curious and started by checking out the Baby Einstein website to find out more about the company.

History of Baby Einstein

I discovered it all started in 1996 by a loving mom named “Julie Clark” creating a video at the basement of her house with the intention of sharing her love of art and humanity with her daughter.

She was interested in creating an interactive, entertaining yet educative experience for her child and herself as they would also develop and flourish a special bonding with one another.

Julie and her husband Bill edited the video on their home computer.

On January 31st, 1997 she simply titles her video “Baby Einstein” and releases it to the market.

Baby Einstein is placed in 36 retail stores and experiences his outstanding promising first retail presence. This is when a simple 5 page website “” is launched.

“Baby Mozart” is the next video released in Feb, 1998 and becomes an instant hit. It get’s the title “Video of the Year” by parenting magazine and also the title, “Top Selling Video of the Year”.

“Baby Bach CDs” are the next production which follows by the expansion into self-published books and the release of “Baby Shakespeare” and “Baby Van Gogh” videos and books.

Next, a set of “Discovery Cards” is released and they are designed to be used with a video program. This new innovation is granted a patent later on.

In the year 2000 Baby Einstein takes it to the next level by launching a much larger scaled distribution and places its products with mass merchant retail companies. “Ernst & Young” gives Julie the title “Entrepreneur of the Year”.

The years 2001 and 2002 are marked by Baby Einstein being acquired by “The Walt Disney Company, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” featuring Julie and referring to Baby Einstein as an excellent and the hottest most popular baby shower gifts.

By the end of 2005 “Baby Einstein” is being sold in more than 30 countries and their products are offered in at least 25 different languages.

The new sign language DVDs released in 2005, 2006 and 2007 are “Baby Wordsworth”, “Baby’s Favorite Places” and “My First Signs”.

In 2007 an “AMBY Award” is given to “Baby Einstein” for the 5th consecutive year, naming its DVD Collection “One of the Top Infant Products Parents Can’t Live Without” and in October 25th DVD “Lullaby Time” is released.

Baby Einstein continue to produce state of the art DVDs and children’s learning and entertainment toys and products.

The New “Discover Kit Collection” was put together in 2010 and it is a revolutionary way to help babies discover the world.

Discovery Kit Collection

The following are the list of the DVDs available from “Discovery Kit Collection”:

Baby Einstein helps parents and educators entertain the little ones and at the same time teach them a lot of useful stuff.

They learn how to explore and discover the world and their surroundings and when they go to kindergarten, they are more comfortable with the process of learning new material and also able to share with others what they have learned.

Parents are happy to say that while listening or watching these CDs and DVDs together with their kids, they see their kids' world much more so in their own eyes and therefore they are able to understand them much better.

Based on their natural curiosity, children learn by doing fun activities. These DVD collection being rather interactive videos, kids love to sit and watch and play and make an activity at the same time.

Kids love music, art, nature and animals. Sounds and movements thrill them and they enjoy drawing with their own crayons.

When the child learns about animals, mummy and daddy can help the youngster make his way through a small jungle created only for him. This is what is called "thematic instruction".

If you like Mozart and Beethoven, your child can listen to "Baby Mozart" or "Baby Beethoven" and start discovering the classics.

Teaching Expressions

Children imitate their parents, so when you use this special activity, you can show your toddler what to do, and he will imitate you.

For example, if you express surprise, he will discover what surprise is. Watching these videos can teach your kids how to express joy, delight, amazement, happiness, excitement.


When you watch these videos together with your kids, you create and develop a strong bond between you and them and you'll give them many unforgettable memories that will last a life time.

When they grow older, they will often bring up these childhood memories with you. Their natural curiosity will help them increase their desire to learn from these videos.

More Than Just DVDs

This educational tool consists of videos, dvds, music cds, books and toys that are created especially for the kids to learn in a fun way. Videos provide a series of pictures that teach likenesses, grouping, family categories, and much music.

For example, "Baby Noah" shows the animals in their natural habitat: lions, elephants and tigers from savannahs, penguins, caribou and polar bear in North Pole to koala, lizards and kangaroos in the outback.

Puppet Shows

It presents also a puppet-show with a story about animals.

Classical Music

Music CDs have a calming effect upon the children. Listening to the classics, it will develop their verbal ability, spatial intelligence, creativity, intuition and memory.


The books help toddlers mentally and physically. Some books have a lot of pictures of characters and other babies like themselves.

There are books that have pictures of dogs or cats, in different states. There are also books that have different shapes, colors or puzzle pieces in order to stimulate their mind.

Toys & Puzzles

There are also toys, balls or puzzles designed for the little ones. One item features a baby on a mat with his plush friend hanging above. This activity has also a special feature: a light in form of a star that dances to classical music.

Flash Cards

There are even flash cards, alphabet and number building blocks for selling. Some unusual toys are melody mirrors that will keep your child happy while watching and playing around. This is a great educational tool that is worth the price!

More Excellent Products

The Following are some other excellent DVDs and products:

They focus on quality creation and innovation with the intention of looking from the babies and toddlers eyes and point of views.

They consist of education, entertainment and interactive programs designed for babies and toddlers or even young children.

They provide knowledge, fun, entertainment and understandings in regards to many areas and aspects of our lives, environment, nature, science, numbers, art, music, language, humanity and much more.

I finally come to the conclusion that Baby Einstein DVD and other products from Baby Einstein are simply the state of art productions.